Benefits for them...


Giving a child from Chernobyl a week’s respite in the UK has a huge impact on their life in so many ways:

  • It helps to build their confidence and self esteem. They get to understand that there is more to life than their own, harsh surroundings and how they can better look after themselves.

  • Eating uncontaminated food and breathing fresh air is proven to extend their life expectancy with every visit.

  • They take home warm winter clothes for themselves and their siblings, together with essential vitamins to last a whole year.

  • The children also get to have fun in a safe environment – something so often missing at home when many are part-time carers for younger siblings.

  • Siblings are cared for too. Large bags of clothes are sent back to Belarus for other children within the family, and they are often included on the programme in later years, giving them their own chance to visit the UK.

  • And the families benefit too from the support of the charity and knowing that someone cares.


 ...benefits for you too!


Being a sponsor of a Chernobyl child – either as a company or an individual is a highly rewarding experience. You can be as involved as much or as little as you choose with the child – from spending time with them during their UK stay, to watching them perform at their end-of-visit concert.

Or perhaps your company would like to organise or join in with one of the group excursions – the possibilities are endless. And of course there would be many opportunities for you to promote your company’s sponsorship.


For just £500 per year, you could be changing a child’s life forever.

Other Ways to Help


A one-off donation of £20 buys seeds for families to grow vegetables to supplement their winter food supplies.


Only £1 per week (£50 p.a) gives a child food parcels

Supplies of even the most basic food items can be irregular and insufficient.You can help provide essential, nutritious food for all the family.


Just £5 per month (£60 p.a) pays for essential vitamins

With sub-zero temperatures and snow for up to 125 days per year, poor health and infections are common. Regular vitamins for a child and their siblings are vital.