A Month of Love!

Children joining the programme spend four weeks each year in the UK for some respite from their harsh daily lives and the radiated conditions in which they live. Hosted by local families who welcome them into their homes and lives they gain tremendous advantages from their month away from Belarus. Many, who whilst at home have the day-to-day responsibility for one or more siblings, can relax, have fun and enjoy being a regular child. Caring host families provide fresh, uncontaminated food - especially milk, fruit and vegetables, which in Belarus are grown in radiated soil. There are numerous opportunities for the children to improve their English-speaking too - a real boost to their future prospects.




As well as the days packed with fun there are also some other real benefits gained by the visit. Health checks each year chart the children's physical progress as well as annual eye tests and visits to the dentist. New and quality used clothes are collected throughout the year to ensure that each child and its siblings have warm clothes to last the coming winter. Having arrived with nothing, the children return home with a packed suitcase of clothes, a year's supply of vitamins, plus soap, toiletries, vegetable seeds and pre-packed food items.


We are constantly amazed at the generosity of our supporters and this years children enjoyed days at the seaside, donkey rides, swimming lessons, first aid classes, gymnastics, horse riding, carpet bowls, ceildh dancing, a visit to the circus and Pleasure Beach as well as lots more all down to the support of our wonderfully generous local community.